1. Native Video ads

In-feed Native Video ads on TikTok are video advertisements that are required to be between 9 and 15 seconds long. These are typically the most basic form of TikTok ads.

These ads appear between users videos in the TikTok feed and can be scrolled past or skipped. These advertisements support multiple call-to-actions like clicks and app downloads.

Source: Digiday

Native Video advertising metrics that TikTok can measure include impressions, clicks, video views, and video engagement.

2. Brand takeover

A Brand Takeover advertisements can appear in the form of still images, GIFs, or videos, all of the linkable to the brand’s landing page or a hashtag challenge within the app. Right now, only one brand can appear per day in "brand takeover"  on TikTok. These advertisements are what a user will see in their feed, before any user-generated content appears.

A Brand Takeover advertisement can be analyzed with TikTok’s measurement of clicks, impressions, and unique reach.

Source: Digiday

3. Hashtag сhallenges

Challenges are massive on TikTok. If you are looking to engage with your customers and fans, a Hashtag Challenge is a great way to do so.

With a Hashtag Challenge advertisement, your brand can create a unique banner on the TikTok Discover page to drive users to a particular challenge that your team creates. Instructions for the challenge and already-created videos of the challenge taking place will have a home on this page.

Source: Digiday

Brands can measure the success of their Hashtag Challenge with banner views and clicks, number of user-generated videos, number of users using your brand’s music, and more.

4. Branded lenses

When a TikTok user creates a video, there are countless filters available at their disposal. Similar to Snapchat’s branded lenses, TikTok’s Branded Lenses advertising option allows advertisers to design a filter promoting their brand or product. These lenses can go live for up to 10 days at a time, and encourage the user to create content with your brand at the forefront.