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Joel: Hello and welcome back to another episode of TikTokMarketing podcast. I'm your host Joel.

Sam: And I’m Sam. It's wonderful to have you back for another episode. Before we get started today, a little background on Joel and myself. Joel and I have been working in the digital marketing space for a combined twenty-plus years, and we were on TikTok before it was even cool. We grew a following there of over 1.2 million followers, and at that point we took our digital marketing backgrounds and our TikTok know-how, and we combined them to create the first agency devoted entirely to TikTok marketing; it has been a storm ever since. As brands figure out how to navigate the TikTok landscape, brands are just running there right now, creating a very exciting time for TikTok.

J: Today, we've got a great episode for you. We're gonna go over five different ways to utilize TikTok lead gen ads . But before we go into details on how to utilize lead gen ads, I'm going to cover the basics about what lead gen ads are on TikTok. Lead gen ads are ads that take people directly to a form instead of a landing page. That form can have information about the company or different promo offers but essentially, when somebody clicks on an ad, they're taken to that form, and they're asked specific information like name, email, phone number, or any other details that a company might find important to find out about their potential customer.

S: So lead gen ads are a form that a company is trying to get information from the customer. Is that typically right? Like an email or a phone number?

J: Exactly. And this is a newer feature within TikTok's ad platform. A lot of other online ad platforms like Facebook or Google already use these forms. The TikTok one is a bit newer, and we're seeing a lot of really great success from companies that are utilizing them. 

Some reasons why we like the lead gen form taking people directly to a website is that it skips a step and it's a little bit faster for whoever is viewing the ad. Instead of having to go to a landing page into a website and needing to find a specific form, the lead gen ad takes you directly to that form and often has a much higher conversion rate. 

Now that we know a little bit about lead gen ads, what they are and how they work, I'm going to go over five different ways that we've seen brands utilize these for success. It's important to remember that with TikTok ads, you are able to target different people. That could be by location, by age, by interest, by gender; that's going to be really important when setting up any type of lead gen ad. 

The first way we recommend companies utilize lead gen ads is to develop signups for a newsletter or for an email list. Maybe you're a financial planning company and you've got this awesome newsletter that you send out every month that provides great tips and great information to your audience. Utilizing TikTok to grow that list is an awesome way. The fun thing about running ads that are built around growing an email list is that you're just offering people something that's going to be beneficial for them. We've seen really, really high conversion rates with this on TikTok. The type of ad you may want to create in this case is something that explains, “Hey, you can sign up for this newsletter and benefit in these different ways, or share a story about how somebody has benefited by signing up for your specific newsletter and utilize the information that they've gained from it.” 

The second way that we recommend utilizing lead gen ads is to run limited time offers and special promos. An example of this is a restaurant that is offering a buy-one-get-one-free for the month. We've seen really great success with restaurants, utilizing lead gen ads to get emails to promote different offers. You often have people opting in to your newsletter, and you're able to send them promos or discounts anytime that you want. Or, just keep them connected with your business. 

The third way that we recommend utilizing lead gen ads is to drive brochure downloads or ebooks. We've seen a lot of service industry clients really benefit from doing this. Maybe you're an online learning company, and you've got a simple brochure on how to learn coding, and you want to drive downloads to send people this information again to have them on your email list. Utilizing TikTok to drive these different downloads is a great resource to do so. 

The fourth way that we recommend utilizing lead gen ads is to promote specific events. We've actually done an entire podcast just on promoting events all together, but we really recommend utilizing the lead gen format to capture people's attention. Maybe it's an event that's going to have a specific pre-sale or a specific discount, and you want to get people interested or excited to send them more information. Maybe you're a music festival and you want to build an email list by telling people they'll get exclusive information or be the first to learn about the lineup. Utilizing TikTok lead gen ads is a great great way to do this and to start developing that audience. 

The final way that we recommend using lead gen ads is to get emails and phone numbers before pre-launching a product. Maybe this is for a mobile app that's building a lot of hype, and you want to have some initial users. You can use TikTok lead gen ads to start building that hype, building that list, showcasing what the app is going to do, and how it's going to help people. But let them know, “Hey, it's not launching for another couple of months, but you can be the first person to know about it.” Utilizing this tool on TikTok is going to be a great way to grow that hype and to build that initial audience. So when you do launch your product, you've already got a lot of people that are excited to use it and excited to be the first people on there. 

That's going to wrap it up for today's episode, we love talking all about these different lead gen ad opportunities. And we highly, highly recommend that you try it out for your business. There's so many different opportunities here. Again, we see so little competition on the TikTok ad network that there's truly never been a better time to go out and try these for your business and for your brand.

S: Do you have feedback on today's episode? Have questions about what you heard, or have recommendations for future episodes. We'd love to hear from you. Also, if you're interested in learning more about what we do at Tik Talk Marketing Agency for different clients, and are potentially interested in working with us. Please reach out on our website.